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Jon Gilge, President Sales Giant Training

Learn to Sell the right way with one-call close sales training that works. Selling techniques do no have to be difficult to learn. Let Sales Giant sales training give you the edge with the most comprehensive selling system available, covering all of the selling techniques you will ever need. Learn how to one-call close the sales you are missing, and how to close the sales you could be getting from your competition.


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Absolutely fabulous one-call close sales training. As a 20 year veteran of the in-home sales industry selling everything from siding to insurance, I was skeptical that I would learn anything new. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I wish I had learned all of this 20 years ago. I’d be retired by now. -Kevin Johnston

What has the Sales GIANT training been worth to me? It’s hard to say exactly. What I can say is that I believe I’ve made an additional $60,000 this year because of it. Look at that over 10 years and it really adds up, over half a million. So, what’s it worth? I have a hard time putting a number on it. Maybe ask yourself this: What would you pay for the skills that would make you a half a million dollars over 10 years? -Pete Anson


I simply had to let you know what a truly impressive program you sent me. I love the no frills cardboard box it came in- much like the ‘holy grail’ in the old Indian Jones movie. The pretty packaged Cd’s I buy every time I hit a Barnes and Noble don’t come close. I have closed over $7 million in new business since. The written closing guide is platinum. I truly believe I could go awhile without buying anything else and just perfect your material and make a fortune. I got more than I expected. The buck fifty I paid is akin to getting a BMW M5 for 5K. Nice job. Let me know if you develop more programs in the future.
-Jonathon Plant

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