One-Call Close Sales Training CD's

One-call close Sales Training CDs from Sales GIANT TrainingLearn the One-call Close

Successful selling starts with a successful selling system and none is proven to be as effective in teaching the one-call close as The Sales GIANT method.  Previously available only at our live sales training events and to our private consulting clients, the system is now available on 8 audio sales training CD’s covering all the one-call close selling techniques you will ever need.  This selling system comes complete with transcripts and the famous Master Closing Guide.

Find out why thousands of top in-home and direct salespeople throughout the world learn to sell with this simple yet powerful selling system.  Finally, sales training on closing sales with the one-call close that really works!

Jon Gilge, President Sales Giant Training

Learn to Sell the right way with one-call close sales training that works.  Selling techniques do no have to be difficult to learn.  Let Sales Giant sales training give you the edge with the most comprehensive selling system available, covering all of the selling techniques you will ever need.  Learn how to one-call close the sales you are missing, and how to close the sales you could be getting from your competition.



Take the first step toward sales greatness by ordering this One-Call Close sales course today.  Closing Sales MADE EASY.

Option 1:  The downloadable digital version on MP3 and PDF for only $119

Option 2:  The CD version delivered to your door for only $149


One-call close Sales Training CDs from Sales GIANT Training

One-Call Close Sales Guide

One-call close and overcoming objections Sales Training CDs

One-Call Close CDs


Don’t delay.  Buy today and sell more tomorrow.

Here’s What Will You Learn In Our Sales Training Course?

  • How to ensure that you make a great first impression before you even say a word.
  • Mental preparation techniques that will instantly create more sales from day one.
  • The simple, extraordinary techniques for building immediate trust with a customer in the first 30 seconds.
  • The 3 levels of rapport building: The techniques to almost guarantee that every customer feels a personal bond with you.
  • The 3 mistakes made by 80% of sales people in the first 10 minutes of a sales call that causes customer’s not to trust them.
  • The only way to properly transition away from rapport building or warming up and into your presentation that ensures the maximum lasting effect. How to avoid the way almost all sales people make this transition and how that destroys all the trust previously built.
  • Why most sales objections at the end of a sales call are actually caused by things the salesperson says early on, and advice on overcoming objections before they happen.
  • The exact verbal techniques used by Sales GIANTS to overcome customer resistance to the sales presentations and increase selling opportunities by up to 50%
  • How to turn defensive customer statements into actual reasons for the customer to buy.  Learn how to overcome objections like these every time.
  • The proven way to avoid sticker shock and how to close more sales when selling high quality, high priced products in an industry full of price competition.
  • How to use concerns about the industry that you are selling in to drive customers to purchase from you, and not consider anyone else.
  • Presentation techniques to answer your most common sales objections before the customer ever mentions them.
  • The escalating “closing sales questions” commitment technique that lets customers convince themselves to buy from you without ever feeling like they were sold.
  • What 15 common words sales people use in every presentation that make the customer fearful of buying.  How to replace these words with one that will help you close the sale.


Absolutely fabulous one-call close sales training. As a 20 year veteran of the in-home sales industry selling everything from siding to insurance, I was skeptical that I would learn anything new. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I wish I had learned all of this 20 years ago. I’d be retired by now.

-Kevin Johnston


You’ll Also Learn How to Create Urgency, Overcome Objections, and One-Call Close:

  • The commitment closing questions that every sales presentation must have if you want to sell like a champion.
  • A method to change the customer’s ideas on any topic in a way that causes them to believe that it was their very own idea.
  • How exactly to present price to your customer so they see your products as being free, or almost free, to own.
  • How to use proper price sequencing to build “gotta have it now” urgency into your close, allowing you to get the order with a one-call close.
  • The single biggest mistake made during the pricing sequence, one that is made by 80% of all sales people, and how to replace it with urgency building explanations.
  • A simple closing incentive that can eliminate 95% of return sales calls and allow you to one-call close in most cases.
  • The 3 proven fundamental elements of one-call close success that have enabled leading salesmen to one call close over 50% on minimally qualified leads.
  • An effortless method of credibly turning a lost sale for a large amount, into a smaller sale that you can then build on in the future.
  • A crushing error in price delivery that causes customers to shut down, making them impossible to close. This is an error you are probably making on every sales call.
  • An amazing technique in price delivery that strips away anxiety and makes it easy for the customer to buy.
  • A seemingly magical phrase that holds a customer accountable to their previous commitments in a powerful and motivating way that avoids creating any conflict.
  • How the best salesman almost eliminate canceled orders by using one simple technique that you can learn in 10 minutes and use tomorrow.


What has the Sales GIANT training been worth to me? It’s hard to say exactly. What I can say is that I believe I’ve made an additional $60,000 this year because of it. Look at that over 10 years and it really adds up, over half a million. So, what’s it worth? I have a hard time putting a number on it. Maybe ask yourself this: What would you pay for the skills that would make you a half a million dollars over 10 years?

-Pete Anson


You’ll also learn the ultimate secrets of Master Closers in responding to Sales Objections and Overcoming Objections easily.

  • Discover how simple it actually is to learn the Art and Science of the one-call close by overcoming sales objections consistently. Learn why training programs that offer to teach you hundreds of closes will kill your sales career.
  • Learn the 4 stages of closing sales, and how to effortlessly move through each one toward closing the sale. If you don’t know what they are, you don’t know how to handle each one for maximum success.
  • The first thing you must do every time the customer makes an excuse for not buying, and how to overcome objections that follow.
  • The top 3 reasons why sales are lost during the close and the three things you can do to avoid them.
  • The difference between excuses and sales objections, and why they have to be handled differently.
  • Precise, word for word, responses to every excuse and all the sales objectionsyou will ever hear– Straight from the lips of master closers who use them every day to earn incredible incomes.
    • “I need to think about it” – This is the one we all hear every day. Do you know how to handle it? This simple technique alone has made my students and I hundreds of thousands of dollars. Knowing just this one response is easily worth the price of the whole course.
    • “I always get three estimates” – I’ll show you how to answer this and other sales objections before the customer even says it. And if they still do, you’ll learn how to overcome the objection in seconds.
    • “I need to talk to someone” – Three impressively elegant responses that will turn this sales objection on its head and have the customer making a buying decision.
    • “I never do business on the first visit” – Understand the one reason that causes a customer to say this and how to overcome the objection and make that reason a powerful buying motivator.
    • “I can get it cheaper from someone else”
    • “I can’t afford it
    • “It’s just not worth the money to me”
    • “I’d love to do it, but I just can’t do it now”

What are you waiting for?
Get started today on the course that will take you to the top of your industry– guaranteed!


I simply had to let you know what a truly impressive program you sent me. I love the no frills cardboard box it came in- much like the ‘holy grail’ in the old Indian Jones movie. The pretty packaged Cd’s I buy every time I hit a Barnes and Noble don’t come close. I have closed over $7 million in new business since. The written closing guide is platinum. I truly believe I could go awhile without buying anything else and just perfect your material and make a fortune. I got more than I expected. The buck fifty I paid is akin to getting a BMW M5 for 5K. Nice job. Let me know if you develop more programs in the future.
-Jonathon Plant


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