Presentation Materials Design

Your brand image is the message that your potential customers receive before you even say a word, and your presentation materials are the primary vehicle of that message.  Poorly structured sales presentations are the primary reason that sales conversations end without the sale.  High quality presentation materials provide he necessary structure and provide a visual reinforcement of the value message for your clients. Perhaps the single greatest way to improve sales team performance, is to equip your team with the presentation materials that make selling easy, because they make the decision to buy the logical conclusion to the presentation.

What do your presentation materials say about why a customer would want to do business with you?

  • Is there continuity between your marketing message and your presentation image?
  • Do your presentation materials insure an effective transition into the sales conversation?
  • Do they frame the conversation around your value proposition?
  • Are they simple and easy to use, even for a new salesperson?
  • Do they create a selling process that builds toward the sale?
  • Are they differentiating you from you competition?
  • Do they make gaining commitments inevitable?
  • Are they built on the latest research into the psychology of the buying process?
  • Do they help make more sales and insure repeat business?

If your answers to many of these crucial questions are “no”, The Sales GIANT can help you achieve a dramatic improvement in the effectiveness of your sales conversations to convince and close your customers.  See some examples of our work:

Presentation Materials Designed by The Sales GIANT

To start the process of improving your presentation materials, The Sales GIANT would like to offer you a brief  free analysis of your current presentation materials.  Clicking the link below will open up an email message in your default email program.  Attach an electronic copy of your presentation materials and send.

The response will be made by email in 3-5 days, and include 5 to 10 bullet points on how the materials should be improved.  For your consideration we will include pricing information for a more detailed analysis, and for our presentation materials design services for the suggested changes.  Whether you choose The Sales GIANT to make the changes, or have them done on your own, the advice and guidance is free.

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