Hire The Sales GIANT

The Sales GIANT Organization is always available to bring the best of direct sales training, sales motivation and coaching to you and your organization.

We offer a variety of sales training services to meet the diverse needs of our sales training clients, and are always willing to customize a solution to your specific needs.

Our services include:

Bring the energy of live sales training to your company, trade show or sales conference. From an afternoon spent on closing skills, to a week long annual training session, to an entire three week new hire courses- The Sales GIANT can produce a live sales training event to suit your needs.
Whether you are looking to customize a single training session for your organization, or analyze and improve your entire sales methodology, the Sales GIANT can help. From a day to 3 months or more, we make sales organizations great according to your needs and your budget
Your company’s presentation materials are the primary vehicle of your sales message. Do the materials that you show your customers each day reflect the quality and service of your organization or do they fail to tell the story? The Sales GIANT is an industry leader in presentation material design, and can help you develop a message that sells and in a format that delivers.
Private client relationships vary according to the needs of the client, however they all involve the element of access. This can range from sales mentoring of individual salespeople, to being an on-call sales adviser to a company’s sales managers, to sales strategy. Because these relationships are very demanding, the number of clients is strictly limited.
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