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Positive Attitude in Sales Video Outline

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Positive Attitude in Sales


“It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult undertaking which, more than anything else, will determine its successful outcome.”

-William James


Positive Sales Attitude: The Mechanism of Success

 “I’ve discovered that a man is just about as happy as he makes up his mind to be.”

-Abraham Lincoln


Imagine Driving Down the Road…

Someone cuts you off

 You get mad…really mad

 It colors your whole day

 The man that cut you off drives away unaware

 You gave that man control of your positive attitude


 Someone asks you…

 “How are you doing today?”

 Before you respond, remember this:

 50% of the people you tell your problems to are glad you have them.

 The other 50%, just don’t care.


How to Respond

Understand that the question is not a request for information, but rather an opportunity to make a choice about your attitude going forward.


“I’m Fantastic, thank you for giving me an opportunity to choose my attitude in a positive way.”


 Why is a Positive Attitude in Sales So Important?

 Your attitude is the Filter through which you view the world.

If your attitude is positive you will see things as positive, possible and encouraging.

If your attitude is negative you will see things as negative, unlikely, hopeless and discouraging.

How you see things motivates behavior, and it is only behavior that creates outcomes.

A positive sales attitude is a choice that you can make, or a result that you can allow to be made for you.


 “Control your own Destiny, or someone else will”
-Jack Welch

 Your destiny is ultimately created by your attitude.  Choose it for yourself or allow circumstance to decide.


What is Control?


How Attitude Affects Sales Performance

 Dealing with rejection

 Seeking to improve

 Positive expectations

 Transference of emotion


“Great effort springs naturally from great attitude.”

-Pat Riley


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Positive Attitude in Sales