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Why Buy Today Discounts Don’t Make People Buy Today, But Buy Soon Discounts Do

One-call close-helping customers to buy now

There is almost as much sales urgency created by a limited time offer as there is with “today only” offer, and any slight edge in sales urgency created by the “today only” offer is more than made up for by the increase in credibility and lack of perceived pressure of the “buy soon” offer.

The Secret Power of Commitments- Part 2


By asking commitment question sequences throughout your presentation– regarding your company, product, and your service– when you ask a prospect the buying question at the end of the presentation it will allow them to compare prices against what they have convinced themselves that they want. This makes for a much easier decision.

Why your Dentist is named Dennis, not James

Why your dentist in named dennis and not bob

James is the most popular name for males in the United States accounting for over 4.8 million individuals. Dennis happens to be the 40th most popular, given to just over 600 thousand. If that is the case, why is your dentist more likely to be named Dennis than James? More importantly, how is that relevant to the profession of selling?

Don’t Ask Them to Buy, Ask How They Will

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When it comes to that critical moment when the closing question is asked and the pen is laid down on the table, the way the buying question was asked has a much to do with the customer’s willingness to sign as does almost anything else.