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Overcoming Initial Resistance- We Just Want the Price.

we just want the price

Your prospect tells you “We Just Want the Price.” Before you respond with logical reasons that they should know your product first, remember, you are not responding to what the expression of initial resistance literally means, but to what the prospect is thinking he is accomplishing by saying it. Here’s how.

Is Selling an Art or a Science?

The Art of One-Call Close Selling

Selling can be broken down into its parts, and much can be learned from doing so, but to put those parts together in a convincing sales conversation requires the artful skill of a true sales professional. Without that art, the science of selling is just a collection of parts that will fail to engage the prospect and compel them to buy.

The Secret Power of Commitments: Part 1

Commitments go here

Perhaps the greatest secret to success in professional selling is the often preached, yet frequently misunderstood, use of commitment questions. I call it a secret for the simple reason that I have yet to encounter anyone with a specific understanding of the physiological mechanisms behind the use of commitment questions and how to most effectively use that knowledge to influence and persuade.

Why your Dentist is named Dennis, not James

Why your dentist in named dennis and not bob

James is the most popular name for males in the United States accounting for over 4.8 million individuals. Dennis happens to be the 40th most popular, given to just over 600 thousand. If that is the case, why is your dentist more likely to be named Dennis than James? More importantly, how is that relevant to the profession of selling?