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Initial Resitance: I Only Have 30 Minutes

Does this sound familiar… Your prospect has agreed to an appointment, you arrive on time, take a seat, and then he tells you: “I only have 30 minutes for our meeting.” I’m sure this has happened to you before, and I’m also sure that it will continue to happen for as long as you participate in the profession of selling. How you response to this initial objection will likely define your success or failure in making the sale, so you better know how to handle it.

Overcoming Initial Resistance- We Just Want the Price.

we just want the price

Your prospect tells you “We Just Want the Price.” Before you respond with logical reasons that they should know your product first, remember, you are not responding to what the expression of initial resistance literally means, but to what the prospect is thinking he is accomplishing by saying it. Here’s how.

What ‘We’re Not Buying Today’ Really Means?

We're not buying today

Could it be that “We’re not buying today” really means something very different that we are not understanding? Something that if we did understand would help us to respond to what they really mean rather than to what they are saying and in doing so help us help them to own our product? Yes it does, and here is what that is.