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Achieve Your Sales Goals Using the Power of the Mind

sales success through the power of the minds

To understand how to make goal setting an effective means to your success we need to take a close look at the relatively small group of people for whom goal setting works like magic in achieving their desired outcomes. From these people we can discover the missing secret to achieving sales goals by examining what certain characteristics they possess that others don’t.

3 Ways To Get Out of a Sales Slump Fast

get out of a sales slump

If you are in the midst of a slump, you know you have to get out of it, and fast. While we will all go through sales slumps from time to time, and to some degree some minor slumps are inevitable, the key is to get out of them fast when they do occur. Use these three tips to do just that.

Is Selling an Art or a Science?

The Art of One-Call Close Selling

Selling can be broken down into its parts, and much can be learned from doing so, but to put those parts together in a convincing sales conversation requires the artful skill of a true sales professional. Without that art, the science of selling is just a collection of parts that will fail to engage the prospect and compel them to buy.

Fire Your Employer and Hire A Better One

You're Fired

It is hard enough staying motivated in the profession of selling, but when you are working for the wrong company or the wrong manager it is all but impossible. Who you work for has as much to do with how you feel about selling as almost any other factor, and as we know, how you feel about selling has as much to do with your success as most other factors combined.

What Jordan Can Teach You About Selling

Michael Jordan

From the lessons learned from Jordan’s mastery of the mental game of winning we can find paths to the same level of success in professional selling. The key to doing so is in finding parallels with the mental game of winning in sales and learning to to apply them with the same intensity that he applied them to the game of basketball.