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The Last, Last, Last Chance To Close The Sale

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First we need to understand that prospects often don’t know that it is really about the money, and sometimes it really isn’t. Either they have not been able to clarify in their mind that they really want to buy and money is the only obstacle, or they have clarified that the decision is about the money but they don’t want to tell you that. We need to give them an easy way to realize that it is about the money, and if that doesn’t work, a way to get them to come back to you when it is.

More of the Best Sales Advice From My Career in Sales

The Best Sales Tips

Sales advice and sales tips will not make you successful, because success in sales is the result of an integrated system of beliefs and practices developed and perfected over time. But pieces of sales wisdom in the form of the best sales advice or sales tips are valuable for how they reminds us of what we may have forgotten and point us in the direction of those things that should become part of that system of belief and practice that will result in success.

30 Minutes To Closing More Sales- Part 2

30 minutes to sales greatness

An informal survey of any group of salespeople I’ve ever talked to reveals that the “I need to think about it” excuse is used by customers more than any other– as much as 75% of the time after the customer is asked the buying question. Learn how to overcome that excuse every time and make more sales.

The Secret Power of Commitments- Part 2


By asking commitment question sequences throughout your presentation– regarding your company, product, and your service– when you ask a prospect the buying question at the end of the presentation it will allow them to compare prices against what they have convinced themselves that they want. This makes for a much easier decision.

The Secret Power of Commitments: Part 1

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Perhaps the greatest secret to success in professional selling is the often preached, yet frequently misunderstood, use of commitment questions. I call it a secret for the simple reason that I have yet to encounter anyone with a specific understanding of the physiological mechanisms behind the use of commitment questions and how to most effectively use that knowledge to influence and persuade.