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More of the Best Sales Advice From My Career in Sales

The Best Sales Tips

Sales advice and sales tips will not make you successful, because success in sales is the result of an integrated system of beliefs and practices developed and perfected over time. But pieces of sales wisdom in the form of the best sales advice or sales tips are valuable for how they reminds us of what we may have forgotten and point us in the direction of those things that should become part of that system of belief and practice that will result in success.

9 of the Best Sales Tips For High Performing Sales People

Sales Tips

Can a collection of the best sales tips make you a great salesperson? I doubt it. But can the best sales tips give you something to think about, point you in new directions, help you rediscover sales techniques and practices you may have forgotten, remind you of why you sell, refresh the reasons that you got to where you are, or show you how to get to where you want to go? Yes, the best sales tips can do that.

3 Ways To Get Out of a Sales Slump Fast

get out of a sales slump

If you are in the midst of a slump, you know you have to get out of it, and fast. While we will all go through sales slumps from time to time, and to some degree some minor slumps are inevitable, the key is to get out of them fast when they do occur. Use these three tips to do just that.

Rediscovering Our Passion For Selling


As experienced salespeople, who like most have to some degree been tainted by the small frustrations of selling and forgotten some of the reasons that made us fall in love with selling in the first place, we need to remember that this profession truly allows us to dream of better things, and shows us the way to make them happen.

Fire Your Employer and Hire A Better One

You're Fired

It is hard enough staying motivated in the profession of selling, but when you are working for the wrong company or the wrong manager it is all but impossible. Who you work for has as much to do with how you feel about selling as almost any other factor, and as we know, how you feel about selling has as much to do with your success as most other factors combined.

What Jordan Can Teach You About Selling

Michael Jordan

From the lessons learned from Jordan’s mastery of the mental game of winning we can find paths to the same level of success in professional selling. The key to doing so is in finding parallels with the mental game of winning in sales and learning to to apply them with the same intensity that he applied them to the game of basketball.