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The Sales GIANT organization was founded in 2006 by Jon Gilge to provide direct and in-home sales people with sales training that represents the absolute best practices in selling and motivation. Jon is a veteran of the direct sales industry, having worked for many of the leading companies in the home improvement and home services industry including Sears Home Improvements, US Remodelers, and Home Depot Installed Services.  During a career that included many prestigious awards as top salesman, manager, and trainer, Jon became enamored by the profession of selling, and wanted to teach others what he had learned so as to elevate the profession itself from its often poor reputation.

Recognizing that most available sales training was too general to be effective in any specific industry, and too outdated in its understanding of the current psychology of how people buy, The Sales GIANT organization saw an opportunity to elevate the proficiency in the art and science of direct selling for a few select sales people and sales organizations who had the desire and determination to implement the best sales training methods.

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Initially, Jon and the Sales GIANT Organization focused on building its reputation one salesman at a time, by providing the foundations of an effective and simple sales method through audio and print training. (Learn more here: One-Call Close Training CD’s) Demand for team training soon followed as students of the Sales GIANT method were recognized for their exceptional sales achievements withing their companies.  Their managers came calling and asked that we provide training for their entire sales departments.  Being dedicate to elevating professional selling, we responded to this demand by offering consultative, on site, sales training for sales organization across the country.  Based on our clients needs, these programs can range from general sessions in some or all aspects of The Sales GIANT method, ranging from 5 hours to 10 days, to a custom designed sales methodology specific to a company’s market position and value proposition, complete with on-site training, manuals, presentation materials, and resources to support ongoing learning.  These projects can last several month or longer, and usually result from the success of our initial work providing general training for a company.

Teaching the one-call closeFinally, because all sales organizations don’t have the resources for, or see the value in, high quality sales training, The Sales GIANT Organization has made the best of our training and motivation available through live seminars so that individual sales people can take the personal initiative to elevate their sales skills.  This aspect of our services has been an extension of our original mission of bringing the best sales training to those dedicated individuals who will settle for nothing less than excellence in their sales career.  All live events are presented by Jon Gilge, with smaller group sessions assisted by his staff of Sales Giants who assist Jon in creating a level of excitement and motivation that far exceeds expectations.  Because of the energy of these live events, many of our consulting clients send their employees to them to reinforce the learning that started at a customer session.

Jon and his team at The Sales GIANT are ready to serve you by providing the training that is right for you and your specific needs.  We appreciate your visit to our site to learn more about us, and hope that if you have the desire for greatness in the profession of selling, we are your choice to provide you with the skills to get there.

Fantastic Selling,

Jon Gilge and the Sales GIANT Team





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